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We are making waves.

At Embley Energy, we are making waves for a cleaner future, and we're doing this through SPERBOY™.

Since 1998, we have been developing SPERBOY™, a floating wave energy converter which could transform our dependency on unsustainable sources of energy.
Our SPERBOY™ device provides large scale energy generation at a very competitive cost of 3 pence per Kwhr. It also has the additional benefits of being environmentally friendly and requiring minimal maintenance.
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The Earth is 71% water, and the potential energy that could be generated by the waves surroundings us is yet to be harnessed. 20% of the UK's energy could be harvested from the ocean. 

Designed to be deployed in large arrays 6 - 12 miles offshore, SPERBOY™ floats on the surface of the water with a vertical movement, tethered to the seabed. 

There are countless locations around the world where SPERBOY™ can be deployed to generate energy. What we need now is the funding to develop a full design and specification.

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